ACTION! Weekend


ACTION! Is our international film club. On December 16th & 17th we will be showing a collection of contemporary video art by selected artists from around the globe at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle, WA.

The big screen debut of the new video for Fleet Foxes’ The Shrine / An Argument by Stacey Rozich,Sean Pecknold and Britta Johnson.

The premiere of SELF ABSORB pt.2 by Ian Obermuller (Episode 1 will also be shown).

New music videos from Christian Petersen of DUMB EYES.

New work from Kim Asendorf, Janne Parviainen, Kathleen Daniel, Jordan Tate, Nicolas Sassoon, Sara Ludy, Alexandra Gorczynski, Kathleen Daniel, Tabor Robak, Andrey Bogush, Elektra Kb, Janne Parviainen, Rossina Bossio and MORE..

Animated Gif of Eyes


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