ONN/OF Festival

parliament hill

Last weekend Dumb Eyes participated in ONN/OF, an art exhibition and “light festival” in Ballard. The show took place inside an 11,000 Sq Ft Ballard warehouse called The Sweater Factory. The curators, Susan Robb, Sierra Stinson, and Jim Demetre invited several artists to create visual art, performance, installation, projection, music, and workshops all working with the idea of “light”. Their aim was “…to create an environment that not only lets people escape the cold and solitude that comes with Seattle’s winter season but to build a warm and energizing experience that might produce enough radiance to help see Seattle through the rest of the winter.”

Dumb Eyes created an interactive installation called “Parliament Hill”. The audience was presented with a screen showing a giant cube floating above Parliament Hill in London. The cube, which was covered with changing patterns and colours, could be controlled with the movement of viewer’s hands.

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